MicroVAR 350 breathing air quality control - EN 12021 standard

The MicroVAR 350 was developed specifically for monitoring the breathing air quality in fixed or mobile air production plants. It continuously analyzes CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and oil vapors in compliance with standard NF EN 12021. It is available in a 19" metal or wheeled case for worksites.

  • Continuous measurement of breathing air quality in compliance with EN 12021 standard and the decree of April 08, 2013 (asbestos removal)
  • Continuous display of CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and oil vapors on the color screen
  • Continuous cell flow control
  • Measurement traceability and archiving on SD card
  • Available in case, deck, or 19'' case
Additional information

Equipped with a color touchscreen that displays the various parameters in instantaneous values or in the form of trend curves, the MicroVAR 350 is ideal for monitoring the quality of breathing air in compliance with standard EN 12021 and the decree of April 08, 2013. Relating to asbestos removal, they govern the analysis and monitoring of some parameters such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen content (O2), hygrometry (water content in breathable air), oil vapors (volatile organic compounds) and impurities (dust). An SD card archives data in CSV format. Electrical outputs enable the use of remote alarms to signal drift or malfunction.

Numerous options complete the MicroVAR 350 air quality analysis case, such as extra gas detection cells (NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S, or HF), temperature sensors, or a ticket printer to adapt to the different problems of each application.