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Management of your gas detectors calibrations

gas detector and PPE maintenance

Periodical checkings of safety equipments

The periodical checking and calibrations of portable gas detectors (single-gas, multigas and area monitors) or fixed gas detection systems (fixed gas detectors, and gas detection controllers) are the safest way to ensure proper operation of the devices and thus ensure measurements’ accuracy.

The periodical checking of respiratory protection equipment wheter they are air purifying units (gas masks and powered air purifying respirators) or atmosphere providing devices (self-contained breathing apparatus and compressed air cylinders) is also required in order to check the tightness of the equipments and provide maximum safety to the users.

Simple management of your gas detectors calibrations

The gas detectors calibrations should be done every 6 months or each year depending on the sensors and on the model. The calibration enables the proper operation of the gas detection sensors. As the devices are not always bought at the same time, it can be complicated to manage the calibration at the right time., the dedicated GazDetect platform is an easy, innovative and powerful concept for the follow-up and the maintenance of your gas detectors or personnal protective equipments fleet (gas masks, PAPRs, SCBA, SARs). This free service is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Once logged in with your password, you will reach your personnal account where you will be able to:

  • Configure your personnal account in order to modify or add the email addresses to receive the reports
  • Schedule the return alerts in order to ship your gas detectors before the limit date or to perform on-site interventions (mainteance of the fiwed installations)
  • Manage your gas detection and personnal protection equipments fleet: affect, sort, classify your devices and control instantly the eventual delays
  • Read or print your gas detectors calibrations certificates (the ongoing certificates but also the previous ones)

The simple and user friendly interface allows the user to directly know at one glance which devices need to be checked or calibrated thanks to a coloured system (green: the device is checked, orange : it is recommended to check the device and red: the certificate has expired).

Video introducing the intranet service from GazDetect.



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Gas detectors calibration

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