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Gas detector maintenance

Periodically checking the proper operation of a gas detector is essential. Our simple and cost-effective « All Included Maintenance » solution consists of forecasting maintenance and periodical checkings of devices for two years. This gas detector maintenance solution is the « all inclusive » version for gas monitoring devices!

gas detector maintenance service for gas monitoring equipment

Portable gas detector maintenance

Regardless of the gas detection sensor (catalytic, infrared, electrochemical, semiconductor or photoionization lamp), it is essential to periodically control their proper operation with regular gas detector maintenance (calibration, bump tests, checkings and repair). 

Gas detectors are devices that have to be controlled regularly. Most of single gas monitors and multi gas detectors manufacturers recommend a gas detector calibration twice a year.

«all included MAINTENANCE» concept

Available in specific locations, our All Included Maintenance solution is a simple and cost-effective concept that consists on predicting the management of a portable gas detector maintenance operations for two years  (starting from the purchase date). This is an « all inclusive » version of gas detection in which everything is included – even the device’s return transport to our facility.  The All Included Maintenance service operates as follows:

  • Gas detector periodical checkings every 180 days: proper operation checking, sensor calibration with calibration gas and edition of a gas detector calibration certificate
  • Eventual re-calibration of gas detector in case of sensor saturation or other problem
  • Loan of an equivalent device in case of prolonged downtime in our facility for any reason (complex repair for example)
  • No labor cost for repairs not covered by warranty (degradation for example)
  • Shipping costs included for any device return
  • Gas detection budget is fixed for two years. There is no invoice surprise!


After two years, it is possible to renew a gas detector maintenance contract for two more years (and so on) for almost the same price. This service applies to our large range of portable single-gas and multi gas detectors and gas area monitors. This service allows people to considerably control and reduce the maintenance budget for their gas detectors.

Video introducing GazDetect’s All Included Maintenance service:

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