EFI large airflow exhaust fan for confined spaces

The EFI150 large airflow exhaust fan's mission is to exhaust or inject large volumes of fresh, healthy air into confined or large-volume spaces such as tunnels, basements, or canopies. It is constructed with durable housing to withstand industrial workspace environments and delivers an airflow of 7 580m3/hr (without ductwork).

  • Large airflow exhaust fan for tunnels and large volume confined space applications (CATEC device)
  • Antistatic ABS housing reinforced with glass fiber resistant to corrosion and chemical products
  • 7 580 m3/h flow rate without duct, 5 404 m3/h with 4.6 m duct + 90° elbow
  • Duct outlet diameter 16″/400 mm - Delivered with 4.6m power cord
  • Motor 1.1 kW, single-phase power supply 115V/230V 50/60 Hz
Additional information

With a weight of only 25 kilos for 7 580 m3/h, the EFI150 large airflow extractor fan is an excellent weight/power compromise for the ventilation of confined spaces of large volumes (CATEC device) or the extraction of air from industrial premises. It is a 7-blade high-pressure axial turbofan with a duct adapter (400 mm) delivered with a 4.6-meter cable. Numerous accessories complete the equipment, such as connectors, flexible ducts with fixing straps of 5, 7.6 and 10 meters in length, and quick coupling cases.