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Nowadays, industries need to respond to higher safety standards constantly adapt to these regulations in order to give users and structures safest working conditions. For compliance and above all for better workers & infrastructures safety, Respiratory protection and gas detection equipment constantly evolve. You’ll find below documentation to guide you.


Below is our general catalogue that gathers all of our industrial safety related products: portable gas detectors, fixed gas detectors and controllers, flame detectors, air purifying respirators (gas masks and powered air respirators), atmosphere supplying respirators (self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air systems).

These pages feature a clean graphic charter for easy reading of any relevant information.

This catalogue is primarily dedicated to industries and activity sectors that require gas detection and respiratory protective devices.

Gas detection and respiratory protection general catalogue


As our clients oftentimes need only particular devices, we’ve created 9 equipment categories in order to ease research on adapted products.

Each product category responds to specific and standard requirements.

Our publications are hosted on the Calameo platform for online reading. PDF versions can be downloaded as well for off-line readings.

See below our 9 products category publications :

portable gas detectors catalogue   colorimetric dans dosimeter gas detection tubes catalogue   fixed gas detectors catalogue 

gas detection controllers catalogue   calibration gas cylinders catalogue   beacons and sounders signals catalogue 

gas safety valves catalogue   ATEX accessories catalogue   respiratory protective equipment catalogue

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