H900 Industrial escape hood (ABEK2Hg-P3 filter)

The H900 industrial escape hood is an escape device available in 5 filter versions depending on the use and application (ABEK, ABEK-P, ABEK2Hg-P3, CO-P, or ABEKCO-P). It is an emergency evacuation device guaranteeing protection for a maximum of 15 minutes against toxic industrial gases, vapors, and particles.

  • 15-minute escape hood with ABEK2Hg-P3 filter against toxic gases, vapors, and particles generated in case of industrial chemical accidents
  • Anatomic shape silicone half mask designed to fit all faces
  • Fluorescent orange anti-fire hood and visor with anti-fogging treatment
  • Suitable for users with glasses or beards
  • DIN 58647-7 approved (filtering escape devices)
Additional information

The H900 industrial escape hood is an emergency escape device available in 5 versions:

  • ABEK filter: it protects effectively against the emission of organic and inorganic vapors, acid gases, sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3), and its derivatives.
  • ABEK-P filter: with the same characteristics as the ABEK filter, it offers additional protection against fine particles, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses.
  • ABEK2Hg-P3 filter: refers to the most complete exhaust hood in its class. It provides the same guarantees as the ABEK-P filter with the addition of resistance to mercury vapors.
  • CO-P filter: assigned to the escape hood, in case of fire, intended for the tertiary sector free of any chemical product. This filter cartridge is perfectly resistant to fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, mists, viruses, bacteria, and carbon monoxide (CO) present in the fumes generated during a fire.
  • ABEKCO-P filter: it composes the mixed emergency evacuation hood dedicated to the industry and in case of fire. It features the same properties as the ABEK-P filter cartridge, offering additional protection against carbon monoxide (CO) in the fumes. This equipment is much popular in industries with fire risks.

This industrial escape hood consists of an antistatic bag with belt loops, a ring for wall application, and side rings for shoulder use. The hood is placed inside the bag and sealed in a vacuum package. Protective seals on the bag closure ensure that the bag has not been previously opened.