HORA130 breathing air measurement case - EN12021 standard

The HORA 130 is a breathing air measurement case for mobile respiratory protection units such as asbestos removal or pollution control sites. It continuously analyzes CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry (dew point under pressure), and oil vapors in compliance with standard NF EN 12021 and by ETST Order 1309168A of April 8, 2013.

  • Continuous measurement of breathing air quality in compliance with EN 12021 standard, and ETST Order 1309168A of April 8, 2013 (asbestos removal)
  • Continuous indication of CO, CO2, O2, humidity and oil vapors on monochrome display
  • Set automatic humidity alarm threshold as a function of temperature
  • Measurement traceability and archiving on SD card
  • Alarm triggering on power failure (with AL12)
Additional information

Mobile and easy to transport, the HORA 130 breathing air measurement case has been specifically designed for air quality analysis on asbestos removal or remediation sites. Housed into an IP54-protected rigid rubber enclosure, it is suitable in harsh conditions with dew points down to -40°C. A heating option enables use at temperatures down to -10°C. A programming algorithm allows continuous monitoring of measurement and alarm functions. It features an electrical and pneumatic output for remote sound and light signaling in the event of an alarm or malfunction (AIRSKID AL12 alarm). A built-in SD card and communication port enable measured values to be retrieved.

The HORA 130 breathing air quality measurement device complies with standard NF EN 12021, which specifies requirements for the quality of compressed air intended for breathing purposes, such as supplied air respirators systems or self-contained breathing apparatus. It governs the analysis and control of parameters such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen content (O2), hygrometry (water content in breathing air), oil vapors (volatile organic compounds), and impurities (dust).