HeadsUp Lite 2690 ATEX PELI headlamp

Lightweight and compact, the HeadsUp Lite ATEX headlamp is a 74 lumen headlamp with certified ATEX Zone 0. Equipped with a low power led bulb, it offers a powerful hand-free lighting that surpasses all other headlamps. It is particularly suitable for use in industrial, confined spaces and rescue situations.

  • Headlamps ATEX Zone 0 - 74 lumen “hand-free” lighting with a reach of up to 92 meters
  • Integrated rotary switch, simple and practical to use even with gloves on
  • Chemical, shock and bad weather resistant material
  • Comfort of use with an innovative ergonomic conception
  • Durability of LED bulbs up to 10,000 hours
Additional information

The HeadsUp Lite ATEX PELI headlamp is resistant to chemicals and waterproof. The headlamp is equipped with an integrated rotary switch, very easy to use and convenient to use even when wearing gloves. It comes with two headbands, one made of fabrics to be worn directly on the head and another made of rubber to ensure a perfect fit on protective helmets.

Certified ATEX Zone 0, the “hand-free” PELI 2690 headlamp offers a range of up to 92 meters with a brightness of 74 lumens and a battery life of 11 hours. It is a very useful complement for workers in confined spaces or to complete the firefighting equipment in rescue operations.