HALO WORK TM3 P3 powered air purifying mask with HEPA filter

The HALO WORK powered-air purifying respirator offers the highest level of respiratory protection with its P3 HEPA filter (99.5% filtration efficiency) against fine solid and liquid particles, viruses, and bacteria. This innovative respiratory protection device automatically adapts airflow to the user's breathing for unrivaled comfort.

  • ALL-IN-ONE powered air purifying unit with HEPA fine-particle filter and battery integrated into the motor unit
  • No belt ties for maximum freedom of movement without risk of snagging
  • Ultra-light and comfortable to wear, with a total weight of 370 grams
  • Airflow adapted to the wearer's breathing for unrivaled comfort
  • Compatible with other PPE (helmets, welding masks, fall arrest harnesses, etc.)
Additional information

The HALO WORK powered air purifying mask comprises a compact motor with padding at the nape of the neck, integrating the battery and P3 HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, coupled with a half-mask that attaches with side clips, making assembly and disassembly extremely simple while maintaining excellent load balance. It has no belt-attached devices (cables, hoses, motors), offering freedom of movement with no risk of snagging.

The CleanSpace HALO WORK respirator is an innovative filtering respiratory protection device that automatically adapts airflow to the user's breathing for unrivaled comfort. It delivers 230 l/min of filtered air "on demand", with an autonomy of 8 to 10 hours and a charging time of fewer than 2 hours. An audible and luminous alarm system alerts the wearer in the event of a clogged filter, low flow, or low battery charge.

Compatible with most PPE (personal protective equipment) such as protective clothing, safety harnesses, or welding masks, the HALO WORK powered air purifying mask is very popular in metalworking (sanding, stripping, sandblasting, brazing, welding), construction (concrete dust, silica, rock wool) and medical waste disposal (viruses, bacteria, fungi).