ST85 half-mask single filter DIN40 of respiratory protection

The ST85 is a single filter half-mask compatible with DIN Rd40 cartridges (40 mm universal thread). Especially designed for optimal protection and sealing, it is particularly suitable for work with paints, solvents, or asbestos removal (level 1). The EPDM face piece is soft and comfortable to wear yet robust.

  • Single filter half-mask, standard Rd40 threaded connection of 40 mm in compliance with NF EN 148-1 standard
  • Ergonomic EPDM face piece to fit the user's face easily
  • Complies with EN140:1998 (minimum requirements for half masks and quarter masks)
  • One size fits most users
  • Excellent value for money
Additional information

Comfortable and very easy to use, the ST85 single filter half-mask has four quick adjustment buckles to fit perfectly around the operator's face. One size fits most, and its low inhalation resistance makes it comfortable even for long-duration work.