Portable H2O2 detector - Hydrogen peroxide detection

Small, light, and easy to use, the WatchGas PDM+ portable H2O2 detector features a highly accurate electrochemical cell for hydrogen peroxide detection. It is particularly suitable for use in the paper and textile industries as a bleaching agent, in laboratories as a sterilizing agent, or in the pharmaceutical industry for bactericides production.

  • Portable H2O2 detector for monitoring the hydrogen peroxide level in the ambient air
  • Very powerful audible alarm (95 dB at 30 cm), visual (flashing red LED), and vibrating alarm
  • Lithium battery operated, up to 3 years autonomy (without alarm)
  • Recording of the last 30 events
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Additional information

The small, lightweight, and unobtrusive WatchGas PDM+ portable H2O2 detector is made of a rugged, impact-resistant material for detecting hydrogen peroxide in ambient air. It features a large LCD for better visibility of measurement and battery level. Its 3.6V lithium battery has an autonomy of about three years (without alarm). It has two instantaneous alarms (low and high thresholds) and calculates the STEL and TWA (Threshold Limit Value and Average Exposure Value).

With its two flashing red LEDs, powerful 95 dB audible alarm, and vibrating alarm, the WatchGas PDM+ handheld gas detector alerts users to hydrogen peroxide presence, even in noisy industrial environments. It registers the last 30 alarm events for easy retrieval later on.