Gas Detection

You can find on this page all information related to gas detection, such as the different cell technologies, calibration gases for calibrations or gas tests, and our maintenance center.

Gas detection sensor technologies

gas detection sensor technologies

There are five main types of cell technology: Catalytic cells (for flammable gases), electrochemical cells (for toxic gases and oxygen), semiconductor cells (for some VOCs and freons), infrared absorption cells (for some explosive gases and CO2), and photoionization cells (PID cells) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Calibration gas

calibration gas

For calibration, periodic checks, or gas tests of gas detectors and other instruments (chromatographs, gas analyzers, breathalyzers, MAP, etc.), we offer a wide range of calibration gases in disposable standard gas cylinders that meet the ISO6142 standard.

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Maintenance and calibration of gas detectors

gas detectors maintenance

Whatever the type of cell, the calibration of gas detectors is essential to guarantee reliable and accurate measurements over time. With a team of qualified technicians recognized by our partner manufacturers, GazDetect offers maintenance services and periodic checks of portable or fixed gas detectors on-site or in the workshop.

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