Flammable gas leak detectors - GT Series catharometer

The GT Series flammable gas leak detector is a portable catharometer with 3 measuring ranges: ppm, % LEL (lower explosive limit) or %/vol (volumetric mode), with automatic scale changeover. In explosive gas leak detection mode (ppm), it features a powerful, highly visible audible indicator like a Geiger counter.

  • ATEX catharometer with sampling pump for detecting leaks of explosive or flammable gases
  • 3 measurement scales: ppm, % LEL or % volume with automatic scale switching
  • Extremely robust device in high-strength ABS polycarbonate with IP54 protection rating
  • Safety certifications: ATEX, IECEx, CSA and UL
Additional information

Lightweight and ergonomic, the GT Series flammable gas leak detector is particularly adapted to industrial environments. It detects methane leaks from ppm for micro-leaks to percentage volume (catharometer) with ultra-fast response time. The device features splash and dust protection to IP 54.

The GT Series catharometer features a built-in pump with pressure sensor for detecting flow failure. 3 types of probe are available for accessibility in hard-to-reach places, one 35 cm long, one 80 cm long and one 60 cm long stainless steel version. It can be operated on battery or rechargeable, and its backlit LCD screen clearly displays measurements and operating parameters.

Depending on the configuration chosen, it can also detect CO (carbon monoxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and lack of oxygen (O2). Like all gas detectors, the GT Series must be regularly maintained and calibrated (every 6 months) to guarantee reliable, accurate measurements over time.