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VOC detection – Volatile organic compounds

VOC (volatile organic compounds) are a huge family of gases and gaseous substances, many of which are considered pollutant, toxic or carcinogenic. Because of their volatile nature, they easily spread into the atmosphere. Thus it is necessary to get protected against them with VOC detection and measurement devices such as a VOC detector.

VOC detection: detectors for volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are natural or anthropogenic (manmade). Because of their volatile nature, they easily spread into the atmosphere and their toxicity requires particular monitoring with a VOC detection system (portable gas monitor or fixed gas detector).

  • volatile organic compounds detection – voc detector

    According to their nature, VOCs properties can vary. Their effects on health are different as well, from simple olfactory disturbance, irritations and breathing capacities reduction up to mutagenic disorders. VOC detection in toxicity using a VOC meter – rather than in explosive limits – is oftentimes recommended to measure present concentrations…

    Detecting volatile organic compounds can seem illogic. Indeed, even if VOCs can produce explosive mixtures with tens of thousands particles per million (ppm), their major hazard lie in their low concentration toxicity – around few tens of ppm…

  • Which fields of activity need voc detection?

    Because of the extremely large number of substances gathered in this group and their volatile nature, VOC levels can be monitored in many industrial sectors such as (non-exhaustive list):

    . Cosmetics industry: deodorants, disinfectants, nail polish or nail hardener.

    . Medical, paramedical & veterinary sectors: alcohol, bactericidal and insecticides.

    . Food industry: disinfectants.

    . Paper industry: oranges packaging, paper for computers.

    . Industries and usage of printer paint and ink (preservative).

    . Plastic industry: manufacture and use of glues and adhesives.

    . Textile industry: smoothing agents, whitewashing of colored textiles.

    . Leather and fur industry: conservation and leather tanning, preservative.

    . Building disinfection: household products, detergents.

    . Horticulture and agriculture: bactericidals, fungicides and herbicides.

    . Photography: stabilizers and fixers

    . Diesel motor gas emissions.

    . Fumes from wood, coal and polyethylene combustion.

    . Fuel and oil refinery.

    In all of these different fields, it is advised - and sometimes even mandatory - to use VOC detection devices or complete systems to ensure safety.

Our VOC detectors :

The Pac 8000 OV can monitor many gases and organic vapors. The device is waterproof and ideally adapts to the harshest conditions.

  • Organic vapors detector PAC 8000 OV by Drager
  • Water and dust proof
  • Detects many gases and organic vapors
  • 2 years battery lifespan
  • Housing resistant to extreme conditions
  • ATEX, cCSAus, IECEx, CE compliant
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The X-am 8000 PID is a portable VOC detector (volatile organic compounds) equipped with a 10.6 eV photo-ionization lamp (PID sensor) available in 2 measurement scales for better measurement accuracy. On the same basis as the X-am 8000 multi gas detector, it is possible to add 4 additional sensors.

  • Drager Xam 8000 PID VOC detector for volatile organic compound
  • 2 PID sensors available for better accuracy: HC (0-2000 ppm) or LC (0-10 ppm)
  • Complete multi gas detector with the possibility of adding: 4 additional sensors
  • 30m sample pump
  • Vibrating, visual and audible alarms (100 dB)
  • Certifications: ATEX and IECEx, IEC, 2004/108 / CE

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Based on gas chromatography (GC) and photo-ionization detection (PID) technologies, the Dräger X-PID 9500 is the first ever selective VOC (volatile organic compounds) gas detector providing analytical results worthy of laboratory tests.

  • Drager X-PID 9500 for discriminant VOC monitoring
  • Measurement unit with sampling pump (up to 10 meters)
  • High gas selectivity for precise VOC analysis
  • Reliable performance even in difficult conditions
  • Simple and fast use
  • ATEX, IECEX, RoHS, CE compliant
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The colorimetric gas detection tube system is a simple and accurate solution composed by a manual sampling pump and a specific gas detection tube. They are designed for use together.

  • Gas detector tubes Colorimetric tube
  • Accurate: the sampling pump features a mechanical accuracy piston which creates a vacuum then enables direct reading on the colored tube (colorimetric tube)
  • Swift: one or two pump strokes are enough to draw sample and the value can be directly read on the tube
  • User-friendly: no knowledge, no specific process and no technical competence are required

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The MX6-VOC accurately measures presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in ambient air using a 10.6 eV PID photoionization lamp from 0 to 2,000 ppm in 0.1 ppm increment.

  • Portable gas detector MX6-VOC
  • Detection of many VOCs from 0 to 2,000 ppm
  • Serial sampling pump for remote samples
  • STN color LCD graphic display
  • User-friendly menu for easy access
  • Certifications: IECEx/ATEX : EEx ia d IIC T4
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