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Modified atmosphere packaging gas analyzer

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) process is designed to increase shelf life of food products and medicine. This technique consists of replacing ambient air – composed by 20,9% of oxygen and 78% of nitrogen – by other gases and substances to create a « vacuum » in headspace packaging of food products.

Modified atmosphere packaging, MAP gas analyzer - GazDetect

MAP headspace gas analyzer

MAP headspace gas analyzerThe main objective of modified atmosphere packaging and headspace gas is to enhance products lifetime. This process oftentimes modifies the oxygen concentration (O2) inside the packaging to include other gases that will slow down oxidation (chemical reaction) and germs growth & development. 


Each food type has its own specific modified atmosphere in order to get the most effective preservation. For example, the recommended modified atmosphere for apples is set at 5% of oxygen, 5% of carbon dioxide and 90% of nitrogen. For red meat, the ideal modified atmosphere for retail is composed of 70% of oxygen and 30% of carbon dioxide. To guarantee packaging compliance, safety and accurate measures, using a headspace gas analyzer is essential. This kind of detector requires regular calibration.

Headspace gas analyzer benefits

Headspace gas analyzer benefitsThe Oxybaby® portable headspace gas analyzer has many assets:

  • Very small gas sample needed – that does not modify protective atmosphere composition – no risk of degradation
  • Automatically controlled flow with alarm event in case of sampling needle obstruction
  • Measurements data history can be reached on the device to compare previous results
  • Large backlit display for easy readings in any situation
  • Easy transport thanks to rechargeable battery
  • Shockproof plastic casing for harshest environments

Headspace MAP gas analyzer calibration

Headspace MAP gas analyzer calibrationOur range of certified gas mixtures for headspace gas analyzer calibration comes in disposable non-refillable cylinders.
– Ideals for low volume applications
– Easily transportable and easy to use
– 60 months shelf life
– Analysis certificates automatically provided
– Fast supply and delivery

Gas mixtures are gravimetrically mixed using ISO6142 standard requirements. They ensure accuracy, optimal stability and maximal shelf life.

MAP analyzers

Gas analyzer for modified atmosphere packaging OXYBABY

O2 or O2/CO2 OXYBABY portable analyzers are ideal to control modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

  • OXYBABY headspace gas analyzer for modified atmosphere packaging
  • Oxygen or oxygen / carbon dioxide concentrations monitoring.
  • Minimum sample gas requirement and flow control with blocked needle alarm.
  • Data-logging of last measurements for comparison.
  • Large backlit graphic display with multilingual menu.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance costs.

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Calibration gas cylinder for modified atmosphere packaging analyzer – MAP

Accurate calibration gas to calibrate protective atmosphere gas analyzers.

  • Gas detectors accessories Calibration gas cylinders
  • 60 months shelf-life cylinders
  • Several gases and concentrations available (see specification sheet)
  • Ideal for low volume applications
  • Compact and lightweight for easy operation
  • Optional flow regulators for any type of gas
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