Gas detection applications

Gas detection is an essential part of the protection process for operators in contact with a gaseous product. The PPE used will be different following the sector of activity, the number of toxic substances encountered, and the possible risks. Multi-gas or portable sensors, a monitoring alarm, and a remote control unit are all necessary solutions to the dangers of VOCs, freons, explosive gases, or depleted oxygenated air.

Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds

Laboratory using VOC detector

VOCs are very difficult to detect because they evaporate rapidly at room temperature. They include a large number of gaseous pollutants and toxic or carcinogenic substances. Since they are airborne, personal protective equipment is essential to detect them. Therefore many industries use VOC detectors, and water-resistant solutions, such as the cosmetics or food sector, cleaning services with detergents, agriculture, or refineries.

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Freon detection

Freon detection for air conditioning system

Although not very harmful to humans, refrigerants in high concentrations might take breathable air place in ventilated environments. That is why, in an inhabited environment such as a hotel, a nursing home, a daycare center, a school, or a boarding school, it is significant to set up a freon emission control system for the safety of all. Long-term exposure can cause anoxia, and some freons have anesthetic properties making the substance hazardous.

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Dräger Explosimeter user

Flammable gas detectors detect leaks of explosive gases such as LPG (butane and propane), hydrogen, alcohol, carbon monoxide, solvents, ammonia, or natural gas. They provide a detection and measurement action according to the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL). Two cell technologies exist analytical sensors and infrared cells. They are used in many fields: oil and gas industry, metallurgy, water treatment, etc., and are an integral part of firefighting equipment.

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Air quality analysis

breathing air quality analysis

Air quality analysis is a broad term covering actions in various applications. The first one concerns the analysis of the breathing air quality for checking inside the houses or buildings with the public (nurseries or schools for instance). It is employed in the breathing air distribution network for air supply systems up to compressed air cylinders for SCBA. Finally, Modified Atmosphere Packaging for food products also requires air quality analysis.

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