Protective atmosphere analyzer (MAP) OXYBABY

The OXYBABY is a protective atmosphere analyzer for measuring gases in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It marks by simple operation, short measuring times, and a small sample volume. The integrated data logger supports traceability and provides comprehensive documentation (HACCP/IFS/ISO).

  • Oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) measures in modified atmosphere food packaging (MAP)
  • Low gas intake and flow control with alarm if needle clogged
  • Storage of the last measurements made for comparison
  • Large backlit graphic display with a multilingual menu
  • Small cleaning and maintenance costs
Additional information

Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) consists of improving the shelf life of packaged products. This process often tends to modify the rate of oxygen (O2) in favor of other gases to slow down oxidation (chemical reaction), as well as the growth and development of microbes and bacteria.

OXYBABY Protective Atmosphere Analyzer is a portable alternative to tabletop analyzers, like in HACCP systems. It measures the concentration of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It is perfectly suitable for fast and accurate measurements directly at the packaging machine outlet in an atmosphere between 0 and 40°C.

The OXYBABY Protective Atmosphere Analyzer requires very little gas (less than 10 ml per sample) and can test even the smallest packages. As it is ergonomic and compact, it can be used wherever measurements need to be registered. Permanent flow control, with an alarm in case of needle or filter clogging, prevents measurement mistakes.

The OXYBABY allows the administration of 25 users and the filing of results for 100 product names and 50 packaging lines. Its large backlit graphic display allows the display of measurement data in an intuitive menu available in several languages, such as English, French, German and Spanish.

Depending on the version of the device, the large memory stores up to several hundred results and allows exporting over long periods. All results can then be analyzed and saved on a PC via the USB port. The optional barcode reader available for the 6.0 model only allows easy identification of the user and the product. The optional Bluetooth interface allows the device to be connected to a printer, for example.