Fyrite InTech Portable combustion analyzer

The Fyrite InTech portable combustion analyzer is the perfect tool for technicians working in the residential sector. It controls various combustion and gas emission settings such as CO, the oxygen rate (O2) and by calculation, the CO2 rate. A mobile app (Android and iOS) allows users to create and send customizable combustion reports on site.

  • Combustion and emission analyzer for residential applications
  • Referenced fuels: Natural gas, 2/6 oil, kerosene, propane, butane, LPG, B5, KOKS, LEG, biofuel
  • CO and excess air (O2) monitoring with internal CO2 calculation
  • Monochrome LCD display with backlighting
  • Optional Bluetooth IrDA printer
Additional information

The Bacharach Fyrite InTech portable combustion analyzer is designed to control and monitor gas emissions from boilers in the residential sector and offers an excellent price/performance ratio. It calculates the combustion efficiency and indicates the carbon monoxide (CO) and excess air (oxygen rate in the fumes) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) rate by internal calculation.

The Fyrite InTech analyzer is equipped with Bluetooth, allowing it to connect directly to a smartphone (Android and IOS compatible) or PC. An optional IrDA printer allows the printing of combustion control reports on site. It runs on 4 alkaline batteries for 15 hours of continuous operation.