Freon leak detector Tru Pointe

The Tru Pointe detector makes it possible to locate refrigerant gas leaks by using a diode sensor.

Detects all refrigerant leaks: FC, HFC, HCFC et HFO

  • Patented heated diode sensor, response time <1 second
  • 2 selectable sensitivity levels
  • Long battery life (LR20) and long sensor life
  • Visual, vibrating and audible alarms
  • Calibration: None required (automatic calibration)
Additional information

The Tru Pointe refrigerant gas leak detector has a heated diode sensor and is equipped with a 356 mm long probe to locate refrigerant leaks efficiently. The detector offers a high sensitivity mode and a low sensitivity mode to best adapt to the user’s needs.

With considerable autonomy and requiring no charging from the mains, the Tru Pointe is perfectly suited for precisely locating refrigerant leaks in air conditioning, refrigeration, cooling or cold storage units.

Designed as an easy-to-use refrigerant gas leak detector, the Tru Pointe offers room compensation and automatic reset features. It is also delivered complete with batteries in a rigid carrying case.