Freon gas controller bacharach MGS-408

The MGS-408 refrigerant gas detection controller is dedicated to the centralization of Bacharach freon fixed detectors of the MGS 400 series.

  • Up to 8 detectors connected in series
  • LCD display and status of transmitters indicated by LED
  • 3 relays and integrated siren (optional visual alarm)
  • Data storage on SD card
  • Modbus RTU communication
Additional information

The MGS-408 controller unit allows monitoring of refrigerant gas concentrations in the air (CFC, HFC, HCHC, HFO, CO2, NH3) thanks to the serial connection of 8 Bacharach fixed freon detectors.

The Bacharach MGS-408 controller unit has 3 configurable relays and can be connected to a BMS (Building Management System) for maximum control.

The design of the MGS-408 gas controller offers immediate and optimal visualization of the entire freon detection system thanks to its LCD screen and a LED display indicating the status of each connected detector.

The MGS-408 refrigerant gas leak controller is ideal for use in engine rooms, cold stores or even cold rooms and easily enables compliance of these refrigeration installations (EN 378 standard in Europe).