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Open path infrared gas detector

The Honeywell Searchline® is an infrared open path gas detector composed of a transmitter and a receiver that can be mounted up to 200 meters away from each other. This IR gas detector is used for many applications including offshore platforms, petrochemical facilities, gas pipelines and large storage areas.

Open-path gas detectors


The Searchline® Excel detector is an infrared combustible open path gas detector for monitoring hydrocarbons (or combustible gas). The unit is composed of an infrared transmitter that can be mounted up to 200 meters away from its infrared receiver. When hydrocarbon is detected, a part of the infrared ray is absorbed by the gas and it reduces the received signal. This signal shall be proportionate to the gas volume of the ray.

This open path gas detector is totally immune to interference from sunlight and reduces the effects of atmospheric precipitations (rain, fog, ice, snow and steam). The system is controlled by a microprocessor and features a self-diagnostic to detect defaults. The Searchline Excel is the world’s most sold open path gas detector with more than 6000 units installed in many industrial challenging applications.


An open path gas detector has to be used in addition to fixed gas monitors and offers many significant benefits such as :

  • . Less strategic detector locations
  • . No unrevealed failure – the gas path to the detector cannot be blocked
  • . Large area coverage to better pick up any leakage
  • . Hazard size indicator
  • . Very fast response time

The Honeywell Searchline® Excel is a very versatile open path gas detector. It is sold worldwide from the arctic circles to the Middle-East deserts, on offshore platforms, ships, chemical and petrochemical facilities, oil and gas pipelines and it is also used in large scale storage areas and on construction sites.

The Searchline Excel open-path gas detectors is the world most installed unit for many applications from arctic circles to Middle-East deserts.

Detection of methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, ethylene, propylene, ethanol, methanol.

  • Open-path gas detector Searchline Excel
  • Extremely accurate detection of hydrocarbons
  • T90 response time below 3 seconds
  • 4-20 MA linear output and RS485 multipoint Modbus
  • Power supply: from 18 to 32 VDC
  • Extended monitored area, larger detection of gas leaks
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