Promask FM3 Mask Rd40 EN 148 side fitting

The Promask FM3 is a mask Rd40 with a 40 mm threaded side fitting by EN 148-1 standard (40 mm universal thread). It is approved EN 136 Class 3 (the highest level of safety) that specifies its resistance to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures. Composed of a panoramic lens providing a wide field of vision, it combines respiratory protection and comfort.

  • Full-face mask with side fitting, compatible with RD DIN 40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN 148-1)
  • EN 136 Class 3 approved, resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
  • Special internal mask with non-return valves to minimize CO2 level
  • Excellent fit on the face thanks to the anatomical chin strap
  • 5-point harness, flexible and adjustable
Additional information

The Rd40 mask Promask FM3 is renowned for its high-quality level, reliability, and comfortable use. The industry and the asbestos world use it in negative pressure with a respiratory protection filter type P3 (fine particles), the ventilation system Proflow2 SC or the fresh air respirator like the DUCT A ECO.

The side connector for connecting a respiratory protection filter or a PAPR provides a better, completely unobstructed field of vision, which is very useful for detailed work. The Promask FM3 mask body, made of durable EPDM elastomer, provides excellent comfort even during prolonged wear.

The internal mask with non-return valves minimizes CO2 levels and fogging. The soft, adjustable 5-point headgear and anatomically shaped chin strap provide an excellent fit on the face. The Rd40 mask Promask FM3 is available in two sizes (S/M or M/L) to offer maximum comfort to the user.

Like all Class 3 PPE, the Promask FM3 side-fitting mask Rd40 EN 148 is subject to annual periodic checking.