MVR300 Air conditioning gas leak detector in inhabited spaces

The MVR300 is an air-conditioning gas leak detector specifically designed to provide continuous and highly effective monitoring in inhabited spaces such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals, nurseries, schools, offices, etc. It is the same principle as an autonomous smoke detector (DAAF). It has a powerful buzzer of 80 dB to signal the gas leakage of the air conditioner.

  • Warns of all potential air conditioning gas leaks in ERP 
  • 2 internal relays (low-level and high-level alarm) for the control systems (valves, extractors, external siren)
  • ModBus RTU communication for device supervision (ideal for monitoring in hotels)
  • Powerful 80 dB buzzer integrated into the device
  • Easy to install, discreet with a neutral design
Additional information

In case of leakage, refrigerant gases from air conditioners can potentially cause asphyxiation. These gases, impossible to detect without appropriate equipment (air conditioning gas leak detector), are odorless, colorless, and heavier than air. The gas will then accumulate from floor to top, in dangerous concentrations, and replace the oxygen in the air until it causes asphyxiation. Some hotels, like the Hilton, are installing air conditioning gas leak detectors in their rooms.

The MVR300 air conditioning gas leak detector is suitable for all standard electrical installations and meets refrigerant gas standards. It has two pre-configured alarm thresholds that can be changed as needed and a powerful 80 dB audible alarm. It also has a Modbus RS485 communication to allow the supervision of the alerts, for example from the hotel reception.