Experts in gas detection and respiratory protection
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GazDetect contact form. As expert in the gas detection and the respiratory protection, GazDetect distributes the main brands (Calgaz, Gatec, Industrial Scientific, Honeywell, Oldham, Scott Safety), guarantee of quality and standards compliance :

Portable gas detectors (disposable detectors, single-gas or multigas detectors), area monitors, colorimetric gas detector tubes, fixed gas detectors, gas detection controllers, enslavements for gas detection (gas safety solenoid valves, sounders, warnings, ATEX accesories.

Respiratory protection half-masks and masks (gas masks), powered respirators, assisted breathing devices (open-circuit SCBA), safety and evacuation SCBA, airline systems (filtering unit and compressed air trolley), evacuation masks (evacuation masks and self-rescuer masks)

If you have a question about the properties of a gas, the different means to detect it and to be protected against it, go to GazFinder, the interactive database from GazDetect (more than 1100 gases available)

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