D2C1 ATEX audible and illuminated handset

The ATEX audible and illuminated handset D2C1 is an alarm device combining an audible alarm with a flashing light, particularly suitable for harsh industrial environments or explosive atmospheres. The ATEX handset offers a choice of 64 sounds, 4 of which can be remotely controlled, making it ideal for scaling gas or fire alarm levels.

  • High-performance ATEX combination for zones 2 (gas) or 22 (dust)
  • Sound power 116 dB combined with a 5-joule strobe light
  • Temperature extremes -40 to +70°C, protection class IP66
  • 64 selectable sounds, 4 of which can be controlled remotely
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Additional information

The ATEX audible and illuminated handset D2C1 is manufactured in marine grade copper-free LM6 aluminium and is particularly suitable for oil and gas industry. When it is in conjunction with fixed gas detection systems, optical flame detection, or linear gas detection barriers connected to a central gas detection system, the D2C1 alarm can be set up in large gas boiler rooms.

In addition to this ATEX handset with an excellent quality/price ratio, we offer a whole range of ATEX accessories such as cable glands, junction boxes, emergency stops, switches, glass breakers, etc... For ATEX zones 0, 1, 20, and 21, we prefer using the light and sound combination IS-DL105 intrinsically safe associated with a Zener barrier or galvanic isolation.