CO2 controller standalone detector MGS-450

The MGS-450 CO2 controller can be used as a standalone carbon dioxide detector or can be connected to the MGS-408 multi-point controller.

  • IP66 autonomous CO2 detector
  • Infrared sensor, measures 0-5000 ppm or 0-5% / vol.
  • Integrated buzzer (72 dB) & relays for servo controls
  • Simplified commissioning and maintenance via the MGS-400 mobile application
  • Outputs: 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU, 3 configurable SPDT relays
Additional information

With its integrated 72 dB buzzer and 3 relay outputs, the MGS-450 controller unit is a fixed carbon dioxide detector that is completely autonomous and able to trigger servo controls.

The MGS-450 CO2 controller can also be integrated into a complete gas detection system by connection to the Bacharach MGS-408 controller.

The MGS-450 CO2 has been designed to maximize installation, maintenance and operation simplicity, in particular thanks to the MGS-400 smartphone application, the easy wiring access, the integrated visual and audible alarms and the intuitive sensor change process.

This autonomous CO2 detector is an ideal solution for industrial and agro-industrial environments presenting carbon dioxide risks.