CHEM3 heavy-duty chemical suit

The CHEM3 heavy-duty chemical suit offers excellent protection against permeation of a wide variety of chemicals, biologicals, and bacteria, including some chemical warfare agents. It is a lightweight, waterproof suit using a multi-layer composite technology of EVOH and LDPE materials for optimum protection.

  • Waterproof chemical protection suit type 3 & 4, tight to liquids in the form of pressurized jets (continuous jet)
  • Recommended in situations of risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals, biological and bacteriological products (tested chemical warfare agents)
  • Multi-layer composite technology offering a very high level of protection
  • Double zipper / storm flap for security of the front closure
  • Antistatic (conforms to EN1149-1:2005)
Additional information

The CHEM3 heavy-duty chemical suit is a waterproof, highly resistant using a multi-layer composite technologie including an EVOH barrier film and LDPE binder layers to provide enhanced protection against hazardous chemical sprays and biological or bacteriological contaminants.

It includes a hood with tightening elastics, diamond shaped elastic leggings, padded knee pads and tunnel elastics to adjust wrists and ankles. The seams are sewn and sealed on the outside with thermoformed ribbon and the double zipper protected by a storm flap make it a safe and comfortable chemical suit.

The CHEM3 heavy-duty chemical suit is particularly suitable for the chemical industry, petrochemicals, land decontamination, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. It complies with the standards and regulations for chemical protective suits :

EN 14605: 2005 : Tight to strong and directional jets of liquid chemicals (type 3)
EN 14605: 2055 : Liquid chemical protection, clothing with spray-tight seams (type 4)
EN 1073: 2002 : Protection against radiation contaminated particles
EN 14126: 2003 : Protection against infectious agents, tested on fabric only
EN 1149: 2005 : Antistatic requirements (surface resistance)

The CHEM3 fabric has been tested by the European testing company PROQARES, one of the leading European organizations for the evaluation of military protective equipment. The test was performed according to the FINABEL O.7C method against the 6 main warfare agents. The RSG Chemical Workwear CHEM3 fabric achieves a permeation level of more than 48 hours for the 6 main chemical warfare agents (lewisite, mustard gas, sarin GB, soman, Tabun and VX).