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DEGA's UKA III gas controller allows monitoring of explosive, asphyxiating gases, refrigerants or volatile organic compounds detectors. It is compatible with the NB3 (safe zones), the NS2 and NS3 (ATEX environments) fixed gas detectors.

Gas detection controller UKA 3 DEGA
  • Up to 8 gas detectors connected in RS485
  • 5 alarm relays
  • 2 signals relays
  • One 4-20 mA output
  • Excellent value
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Additional information

Ideal for small tertiary and industrial applications, the UKA III digital gas controller offers excellent performance at a very affordable price. While remaining very easy to use, it is modular and configurable to adapt to all applications. Available in version 4 or 8 gas detectors connected in series (RS485), this controller unit represents real potential for wiring and installation savings.

The UKA III gas controller has a bus capacity of 4 or 8 gas sensors. It has a large backlit LCD screen, a USB output and operates from 20°C to + 60°C (0 to 95% RH). To complete this equipment’s modularity, 230 Vac power supply, 3 relays on an internal card and a data backup module are available as options.

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Manufacturer : DEGA

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