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The Polytron 3000 detector is a Dräger fixed gas detector dedicated to monitoring toxic gas and oxygen concentrations.

Detection : NH3, AsH3, HBr, C4H6, Cl2, BCl3, HCN, B2H6, NO2, SO2, C3H5ClO, C2H4, CH2O, N2H4, H2, C3H8O, CH4O, C5H8O2, NO, CO, C3H6O, OV, O2, O3, PH3, C3H6, SiH4, C8H8, H2S, SiCl4

Fixed gas detector Polytron 3000 by Dräger
  • Wide range of detected toxic gases
  • DrägerSensor smart sensor
  • Modular detector
  • Optional display
  • ATEX and SIL2 certification
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Additional information

The Dräger Polytron 3000 fixed poison gas and oxygen detector is simple to install and easy to use thanks to an intuitive design and proven technology.

The Polytron 3000 uses DrägerSensor smart sensors: pre-calibrated sensors that contain all of the data needed to operate the detector based on the target gas. In addition to their high accuracy and durability, these smart sensors can be interchanged very quickly and reduce costs and maintenance.

The Polytron 3000 was developed as a robust and modular fixed detector allowing it to fit in different applications, situation and industries (pump modules, relays, and remote sensor for example).

Fixed gas detectors

Manufacturer : Dräger

Detected gas: Boron trichloride - Ammonia - Arsine - Carbon monoxide - Chlorine - Diborane - Epichlorohydrin - Ethyl acetylene - Ethylene - Formaldehyde - Hydrazine - Hydrogen - Hydrogen bromide - Hydrogen cyanide - Hydrogen sulfide - Methanol - Methyl acetate - Methyl methacrylate - Nitric oxide - Nitrogen dioxide - Organic vapors - Oxygen - Ozone - Phosphine - Propanal - Propanol - Silane - Silicon tetrachloride - Styrene - Sulfur dioxide

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