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The VSP is well-suited for workers who basically use a gas detector as a personal protective equipment but who may sometimes need a pump for confined space entry.

Gas detectors accessories Slide-on pump VSP
  • Powered by its own battery pack
  • 3 battery versions: lithium-ion, long-length lithium-ion or alkaline
  • Conveninent and efficient sampling up to 15 meters
  • No tool required to connect to the detector
  • Same battery pack and charger than for the Ventis-MX4
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Additional information

The Ventis® slide-on pump – most commonly known as VSP – has been designed for operators who use portable gas detectors for personal protection but who sometimes need to draw samples for confined space entries.


As the slide-on pump is powered by its own battery pack, i twill in no way reduce the battery capacity of the gas detector. Moreover, the VSP uses the same battery packs and chargers than Ventis portable gas detectors. It is even fully compatible with multigas detectors from Ventis™ MX4 and Ventis™ Pro series. Three power supply options are available: a standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for 18 hours runtime, a rechargeable extended range lithium-ion battery pack for 36 hours runtime or replaceable AAA alkaline battery pack for 10 hours runtime.


The VSP sampling pump requires no tool to connect to a detector or to be removed. The remote sample draw capability up to 15 meters (50 ft) offers aspirated sampling for a large variety of applications. With an operating temperature range set between -20°C and 50°C and an operating humidity range between 15% and 95%, the VSP slide-on pump is well suited for use in the harshest industrial environments.


Available in either black or high-visibility safety orange, the VSP gas sampling pump is relatively compact and lightweight, weighting from 170 to 316 grams according to the battery version selected. Thanks to its case made of polycarbonate with protective rubber overmold, this robust device is highly resistant to impacts, water and dust. It even complies with IP67 level of ingress protection.


Its ultra-brights lights and its powerful audible alarm of 90 db at 30 cm activate once the device is turned on, in case of pump default (clogged hose e.g.) or to alert in case of low battery status. As this gas detection sampling pump features no sensor, the alarms related to the presence of hazardous concentrations of a gas are provided by the detector itself.

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