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The Honeywell SensePoint fixed gas detector monitors toxic, explosive and oxygen gas concentrations in ATEX zones.

Detection: EXPLO LEL, NH3, Cl2, NO2, SO2, H2, H2S, CO, O2

SensePoint Honeywell fixed gas detector
  • Oxygen detector, explosive or toxic gas
  • Excellent value
  • Four-way connection box
  • ATEX certified, IP65
  • Quick and easy installation
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Additional information

The Honeywell SensePoint fixed gas detector is an economical and efficient gas transmitter for fixed gas detection installations. This equipment measures oxygen, poisonous gases and explosive gases. The SensePoint detector is equipped with high performance Surecell electrochemical and catalytic sensors (0-100% LEL) resistant to interference for maximum reliability.

Fixed gas detectors
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