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Designed for use in harsh conditions, the PAS Micro short duration self-contained breathing apparatus combines ease of use, durability, flexibility and robustness. Particularly resistant, it is an ideal solution for short duration interventions.

self-contained breathing apparatus – Pas Micro by Drager
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust and resistant system
  • Integrated manometer
  • Possibility to add and external air supply
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
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Additional information

Especially designed for short duration intervention in extreme conditions, the PAS Micro self-contained breathing apparatus is particularly lightweight (2 kg). Composed by a harness, a belt and a backplate, the device is designed to enhance the comfort of the user. Made from flexible, robust and antistatic materials, this breathing device suits perfectly in any morphology. The innovative material of this SCBA is resistant to extreme temperatures – from -30 up to +70°C. The backplate and shoulder straps are padded with foam. The device is also machine washable.


This self-contained breathing apparatus can use 2 or 3 liters compressed air cylinders made of aluminium, steel or composite material under 200 or 300 bar. The user is able to check cylinder pressure at any time thanks to an accurate manometer integrated to the belt for easy reading.


Initially made for use with a compressed a air cylinder, the PAS Micro can also be used with an external air supply thanks to an airline connection. It can then be connected to a compressed air network or a breathing air cart for example. An optional automatic reverser can easily and automatically switch between an external air supply to a cylinder.


The PAS Micro SCBA is compatible with Panorama Nova masks and the FPS7000 range of full face masks.


Manufacturer : Dräger

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