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Especially designed for industrial applications, the self-contained breathing apparatus R-Pas combines reliability, performance and comfort of use. Composed by an SCBA mask, a compressed air cylinder and a harness, the R-Pas complete set is provided in its carrying case.

complete SCBA set R-pas kit by Dräger: a full self-contained breathing apparatus in its carrying case
  • Efficient weight balance
  • Air supply hose and manometer integrated to the harness
  • Full face respiratory protective mask
  • Provided with high visibility orange carrying case
  • Well suited for use in ATEX zones
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Additional information

Especially designed for use in industrial applications, the R-Pas set is a self-contained breathing apparatus with reduced maintenance needs. It combines performance, reliability and comfort of use.

Particularly lightweight and multifunction, this open-circuit SCBA is an ideal solution in presence of toxic gases or for use in poorly oxygenated environments. As it is compliant with the EN 137-2 standard, the R-Pas set is also recommended for fire interventions. Thus it is widely used by firefighters all around the world.

Delivered complete in its high visibility orange carrying case, the R-Pas is part of the latest generation of self-contained breathing apparatus. It is composed by an SCBA mask, a compressed air cylinder and a harness.

The harness is lightweight and easy to don. It is equipped with a factory pre-set flow regulator and a demand flow regulator. Thanks to its lightweight, antistatic and shock resistant design and rubber protection for the manometer, this harness is especially made for use in the harshest environments. Its harness is made of lightweight flameproof buckles, adjustable straps and rubber backplate highly resistant to chemical products. This way, the R-Pas SCBA is well-suited for fire situations. Moreover air supplying and manometer hoses are directly mounted into the harness backplate for better comfort.

The SCBA mask included in the R-Pas set is made of elastomer for easy adjustment and perfect fit with any shape of face. Thanks to its dual airtight seal and a 180° visor, this respiratory protective mask offers an outstanding comfort of use and a large distortion-free field of view for an excellent peripheral view. Furthermore this mask is provided with a specific bag in order not to be damaged or scratched during transport in the carrying case.

The compressed air cylinder that is also included in the R-Pas set is lightweight and robust. Made of lightened steel, this cylinder is equipped with an EN tap. Thanks to its 6 liters capacity at 300 bars, this compressed air cylinder provides clean air for approximately 40 minutes for safe interventions.

The high visibility orange carrying case has been especially designed to carry the full SCBA R-Pas set, including the connected cylinder and is ready for use.

Self-contained breathing apparatus
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