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As it is lightweight yet rugged and robust, the PSS® 3000 is a next generation SCBA respirator especially designed for industrial applications and firefighters.

Drager SCBA Respirator PSS® 3000 for better safety in industrial applications
  • Excellent pneumatic performance
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated air supplying hoses
  • Comfortable and ergonomic harness
  • Large choice of available configurations
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Additional information

The PSS® 3000 self-contained breathing apparatus is a high performing device that has been especially designed for firefighters and operators evolving in fire situations. As ease of use and efficiency are key elements in this kind of situations, the PSS 3000 has been engineered to be lightweight and easy to use. To date, this self-contained breathing apparatus is one of the most advanced device of this category on the market.

As it is one of the world lightest SCBA respirator, the PSS 3000 is a combination of the best air supplying respiratory protection technologies. The harness and the backplate are particularly robust and resistant to mechanical, chemical or thermal wear and tear.

Especially designed to be versatile the PSS 3000 maintenance is easy and fast. This way, all the key components of this device can be easily and swiftly removed and replaced. Moreover, medium pressure air supplying and manometer hoses are directly integrated into the backplate in order not to clutter up the user. This system also enables the device to be less cumbersome for interventions on confined spaces or difficult access areas for example. Lastly, in order to provide the best user experience, the hoses can be re-routed from one side to the other in order to fit the user’s preferences.

The harness, key element of this SCBA respirator was thought to perfectly fit around the body of its user in order to reduce fatigue, back strain and stress. Very resistant, this harness features lightweight and flameproof buckles and adjustment straps that are resistant against wear and tear and rubber cover protections against potential schocks and impacts.

The PSS 3000 self-contained breathing apparatus is available with a large range of respiratory protective accessories including the FPS 7000 panoramic SCBA mask that offers comfort and a large field of view. This range also includes compressed air cylinders equipped with TN type taps; rotating on-demand valve that follows the user’s movements or even the Bodyguard 1000 personal alert safety system also down as man down detector.

Self-contained breathing apparatus

Manufacturer : Dräger

Related applications: Oil and gas - Water treatment - Firefighter equipment

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