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The new Aviva 40 half mask respirator is a combination of advanced technologies for personal safety and comfort of use. This gas mask is available in several sizes (S, M, L).

Half mask respirator: Aviva 40 gas mask with RD DIN40 universal filter
  • Comfortable and durable gas mask
  • Hybrid reflex dual seal
  • Compatible with the Pro2000 filter series RD DIN40
  • Improved voice intelligibility
  • For use with other PPE such as protective goggles
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Additional information

The Aviva 40 half mask respirator is an efficient and reliable respiratory protective solution combining innovative elements. This gas mask provides its user optimal comfort and protection against a large panel of harmful and dangerous substances.

The Aviva 40 is a respiratory protective half mask composed by a comfortable head harness and a facepice that covers the breathing tracts (nose and mouth). It features a hybrid reflex dual seal around the chin for improved safety and better adjustment to the face of the wearer. Especially designed to fit in any morphology and shape of face, the AVIA 40 half mask respirator also features a specific voice panel that improves intelligibility of the user for people evolving in the same area. Moreover, this half mask is available in three different sizes – S, M, L – in order to adjust to anyone. The facepiece also features a specific goggle pinch on the nose area for easy integration of safety glasses or any other protective eyewear.

Safety is one of the prime aassets of the Aviva 40 half mask. This way, a positive fit check button located on the mouth area allows user to perfectly adjust the mask to his/her face. Furthermore, a facing exhale valve located downwards enables low resistance to breathing and prevents fogging on the eyewear.

The Aviva 40 respiratory protective half mask has been especially designed for use with Pro2000 filter series. Pro2000 filters constitue large range of gas, particulates and combined filters that respond to almost any industrial requirements regarding air purifying and safety. Indeed, these filter cartridges are efficient against particles and gases present in ambient air. Combined filters are also available and are made to purify air from both gases and particles. Lastly, these filters feature a standard 40 mm thread - also known as RD DIN40 universal filter cartridges - for easy, quick and safe installation for the user.

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Manufacturer: Scott Safety

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