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The Bacharach MGS 450 fixed refrigerant leak detector is a device that can be used as a standalone detector or can be connected to a gas controller. Configuration done via Bluetooth on mobile application. To prevent false alarms, the MGS-450 is equipped with high quality pre-calibrated sensors.

Bacharach MGS 450 fixed refrigerant leak detector
  • HFO, HFC, HCFC, NH3 and CO2 monitoring
  • Operating in down to -40 ° C environments
  • Bluetooth connection on the MGS-400 mobile application
  • Operates independently or can connected to a gas controller
  • Three-color LED alarm lights & and audible alarm (72 dB)
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Fixed gas detectors

Manufacturer: Bacharach

Detected gas: Ammonia - Carbon dioxide - Freon / Refrigerants

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