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The Radius BZ1 is a high performance area gas monitor. As it is made with rough materials, it suits in the most demanding ATEX standards and the harshest environments.

Industrial scientific area gas monitor Radius BZ1 for workers safety
  • Detection of combustible gases, Cl2, CO, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO2, O2, SO2 and VOC.
  • Duplicate 108 dB audible alarm and red & blue LED visual alarm
  • Runtime: 168 hours without pump (7 days) and 84 hours with pump
  • Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 55 cm – weight 7.5 kg – 11.2 cm LCD display
  • Available with optional LENS wireless technology
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Additional information

Designed in an impact and weather-resistant polycarbonate alloys housing, the Radius BZ1 area gas monitor is an extremely flexible solution to monitor a clearly defined area or a confined space. Moreover, the Radius BZ1 area gas monitor is equipped with the DualSense technology and is available with optional LENS Wireless technology.


DualSense technology uses two sensors of the same type to determine the concentration of a target gas in the atmosphere and reduce the risk of instrument failure while improving gas reading accuracy.


LENS is the first wireless gas detection solution that allows personal monitors and area monitors to communicate gas readings and alarms with one another. Thanks to the 360-degree gas path and all-weather sensor use, the Radius BZ1 area monitor can accurately detect gases regardless of environmental conditions and avoid false alarms.


The special nature of this gas detection area monitoring device lies in its SafeCore® module. This unit concentrates every critical technology pieces such as software, pumps and sensors. this module can be easily removed to be placed in any base in order to have a smaller fleet of instruments, easily dock it on a socking station – to download data logs and alarm events, bump test, calibrate and change settings – or to adapt each configuration to changin environment.


In case of anormal concentrations, powerful audible (108 dB at 1 m) and visual (ultra-bright blue and red lights) alarms will alert any operator working in the area, even in high-noise and dark environments. Custom alarm action messages like “EVACUATE” or “VENTILATE” can furthermore be configured in case of emergency situations in order to quickly and safely take corrective actions.


Lastly, the Radius BZ1 area gas monitor is equipped with a long-duration battery with 7 days (1168 hours) or typical runtime. An optional external extended battery can extend it over one month.

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