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The Microtox IV portable gas detectors automatically detects a sensor type, its target gas and alarm thresholds. Interchangeable sensors are ready to operate within a minute after start-up.

Gas detection: ethylene fluoride, ethylene oxide, ozone, phosgene, silane and THT.

Toxic gas detector Micro Tox IV
  • Detection principle: electrochemical sensor
  • 95 dB audible alarm and 2 LED visual alarm
  • 3 programmable alarm thresholds and low battery alarm
  • Up to 9 months runtime with easily replaceable alkaline battery
  • Up to 128 events data saved
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Additional information

The single-gas detector MicroTox IV has been especially designed to detect toxic gases (hydrogen fluoride, ethylene oxide, ozone, phosgene, silane and THT). This small and lightweight single-gas detector features a large display which allows direct and easy reading of gas concentrations.

The integrated data logger records all events: gas concentration with time, respective alarm level (1, 2 or 3) and the average values for the short-time and long-time values. This data logger can save up to 200 events - older data being overwritten.

An infrared interface can be used to directly transfer the data to the docking station after usage. This infrared interface also allows users to perform daily bump test as well as calibration in a very short time.

The MicroTox IV is can be securely fastened to the user’s clothing with a durable crocodile clip. Its powerful audible alarm (95 dB) can be heard even in noisy conditions. The three alarm levels have different frequencies to avoid confusion with machine noise. In addition, the 2 ultra-bright LED alarm will flash to alert of hazardous concentrations.

The MicroTox IV can continuously detect gases up to 9 months with only one alkaline battery. Once the battery is replaced, the detector can immediately operate. MicroTox IV personal gas monitor is designed for a use of several years with only sensor and battery replacement with no need for purchasing another disposable device.

The large and intuitive screen displays battery status (a low battery is indicated with an audible alarm) and gas concentrations. Moreover, a confidence beep can be activated to remind user in regular intervals that the device is working.

As inaccessible areas like tanks and containers can contain deadly gas mixtures, the MicroTox IV can be equipped with an optional high-performance pump that can sample gas from up to 30 meters away. 

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