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The toxic gas detector GasBadge Pro ATEX series with interchangeable sensor. With a competitive price, this ATEX portable gas detector with interchangeable sensor combines power and flexibility.

Portable gas detector GasBadge Pro
  • Detection of Cl2, ClO2, CO, HCN, H2, H2S, NH3, NO2, O2, PH3, SO2.
  • Segmented LCD display for easy and direct reading
  • Internal data logging of alarm events and gas concentrations
  • CR2 3V lithium battery; 2,600 hours minimum runtime
  • Polycarbonate robust and waterproof housing
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Additional information

The GASBADGE PRO toxic gas detector is a classic single-gas detector. Its long-duration battery operates for about 2,600 hours and can be replaced when used. As for any other classic single-gas detectors, it is highly recommended to calibrate the GASBADGE PRO twice a year to ensure proper operation.

The GASBADGE PRO toxic gas monitor is a classic single-gas detector with interchangeable sensors and features a large range of electrochemical sensors. This technology is designed to detect toxic gases: Cl2 (chlorine), ClO2 (chlorine dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), HCN (hydrogen cyanide), H2 (hydrogen), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), NH3 (ammonia), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), O2 (oxygen), PH3 (phosphine) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide).

The GASBADGE PRO has 3 alarms: a powerful 95 dB audible alarm to alert even in noisy environments, a red LED visual alarm for view alert signals even in the darkest places like confined spaces and a vibrating alarm.

These alarms will be triggered by 4 events: if the lower or the upper limit values are reached, if concentrations get over the occupational exposure limit or if the average value threshold is exceeded. Abnormal gas concentrations and other data can also be saved and downloaded from the device.

Compact and lightweight, the GASBADGE PRO toxic gas detector is made with a strong polycarbonate housing with a robust and waterproof over-mold in compliance with IP67 protection. The GASBADGE PRO is ATEX approved as well for explosive atmosphere under current EU standards.

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