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Small, light and easy to use, the iGas portable CO2 detector has an ultra-precise infrared sensor for carbon dioxide monitoring.

Portable Co2 detector, infrared carbon dioxide monitor
  • NDIR infrared sensor (5-year lifespan)
  • Measuring range: 0 – 5% / vol. (0.1% vol. resolution)
  • LCD screen: constant display of CO2 concentration & battery status
  • More than 7 days autonomy
  • Operating conditions: -20 – 50 ° C, humidity 5 to 95% RH
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Additional information

The iGas portable CO2 detector is a particularly interesting carbon dioxide detector for its value for money and its reliability. With its 5 years lifespan infrared sensor and its large screen displaying the CO2 concentration in real time, the iGas is PPE can be integrated effectively into many industries.

The iGas CO2 is an ideal device for those working in environments with potentially dangerous carbon dioxide concentrations: confined spaces, industrial breweries, wine and cellars, maturing cellars, greenhouses, etc.

The iGas carbon dioxide detector has configurable audible (90dB) and visual (LED) alarms and a PC software interface (mini USB connection) for data recovery and device configuration.

With its rubber and polycarbonate case, the iGas CO2 is designed to maximize its reliability, especially in industrial food industries, it offers an IP66 / 67 protection rating and withstands difficult conditions (operating from -20 to 50 ° C and with 5 to 95% RH humidity).

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Detected gas: Carbon dioxide

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