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The PCA 400 Bacharach combustion analyzer is used in many fields. It can be used for engines, boilers (industrial & commercial) or even burners adjustment.

PCA 400 Bacharach combustion analyzer
  • Quick and precise measurements
  • Application for smartphone or computer via Bluetooth
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • B-smart pre-calibrated sensors
  • Ready to use in 1 minute
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Additional information

The PCA 400 combustion analyzer is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows it to be directly connected and to be controlled by a smartphone or a computer.

Designed for daily use, the Bacharach combustion analyzer is equipped with a hatch giving access to sensors, batteries, probes and other consumables that can thus be changed in a few movements.

Bacharach's B-smart sensors are pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. That way users can add a new type of sensor to the PCA 400 combustion analyzer right on the field without having to go through calibration.

Combustion analyzers

Manufacturer: Bacharach

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