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The PAS X-Plore is an on-demand airline respirator system composed by a fullface mask, a belt-worn air supplying unit and a demand valve. This device has been especially designed to offer a respiratory protective solution to users without cluttering activities and operations.

Supplied air respirator system, airline respirator PAS x-plore by Drager
  • Robust, rugged and easy to use
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Advanced features
  • Optimal comfort of use
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Additional information

The PAS X-Plore airline respirator mask with on demand valve has been especially engineered for use in industrial and demanding environments. In order to operate properly, this supplied air respirator must be composed by a fullface mask, a belt and a demand valve.

Thanks to advanced and user-friendly features such as a patented flow reducer and a self-check function, users benefit from high comfort of use, enhanced safety and reinforced flexibility.

With an inlet pressure from 5 to 10 bar and its patented airflow reducing system, the PAS X-plore airline respirator system covers a very large range of industrial applications. This special function enables users to benefit from a constant air flow even in case of pressure modification in the external air source. Moreover, these supplied air respirator units integrate a secured flow adjustment in order to increase air flow and user comfort.

PAS X-plore system is fully compatible with Nova Panorama full face mask. This suplied air respirator is a reference for safety and comfort of use. With an ergonomic design and available in EPDM version or silicon version, it provides its user with an optimal large field of vision as well as comfortable and safe adjustments.

Also compatible with the PAS X-plore airline respirator system, the Dräger PSS® demand valve has been especially designed for extreme applications: once connected to a respiratory protective mask, this valve can rotate in order to fit in any movement of the user.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

Related applications: Breweries & wineries

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