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The Pac 8000 OV can monitor many gases and organic vapors. The device is waterproof and ideally adapts to the harshest conditions.

Organic vapors detector PAC 8000 OV by Drager
  • Water and dust proof
  • Detects many gases and organic vapors
  • 2 years battery lifespan
  • Housing resistant to extreme conditions
  • ATEX, cCSAus, IECEx, CE compliant
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Single-gas detectors

Manufacturer : Dräger

Detected gas: Acetylene - Acrylonitrile - Epichlorohydrin - Epichlorohydrin - Ethanol - Ethyl acetylene - Ethylene - Ethylene oxide - Formaldehyde - Isobutene - Methanol - Methyl methacrylate - Organic vapors - Propanal - Propanol - Propylene - Styrene - Tetrahydrofuran - Vinyl acetate - Vinyl chloride

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