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The new MX16 single line gas detection controller from Teledyne Oldham Simtronics connected to a fixed analog or digital gas detector makes it possible to control gas risks in many applications.

MX16 gas controller by Oldham
  • Choose 4-20 mA analog or RS485 digital input
  • 2 alarm relays (Al1, Al2) + 1 fault relay
  • RS485 output Modbus RTU protocol optional for supervision
  • Data recording (last 512 events)
  • Excellent value
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Additional information

Successor to the MX15, the MX16 single-channel gas controller from Teledyne Oldham Simtronics is ideally suited for small applications: laboratories, hospitals, small boiler rooms, small car parks, charging rooms, breweries, etc.

The Oldham MX16 measurement and alarm unit is easy to use and configure. It has a large backlit LCD screen with 2 configurable alarm relays, can store the last 512 events and has an optional Modbus RTU output for connection with a supervisor for example.

Two types of sensors can be connected to this gas controller unit: either analog sensors such as the OLCT10, CTX300, OLCT100 or any other 4-20 mA sensor on the market, or digital sensors such as the OLCT10N series.

Gas controller

Manufacturer : Oldham

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