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The MultiFlame DF-TV7 optical flame detector detects the presence of hydrocarbon fires within milliseconds. 2 versions are available based on fire types to be detected.

MultiFlame Optical flame detector by Oldham Simtronics
  • Multi-spectrum IR infrared version
  • UV + 2IR infrared combination version
  • 4-20 mA linear output + 2 configurable alarm relays
  • Periodical optical self test
  • SIL2 or SIL3 security level depending on the model
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Additional information

The Oldham Simtronics MultiFlame DF-TV7 optical flame detector is particularly precise, versatile and offers a maximum level of security, while limiting false alarms. It comes in two versions:

MultiFlame DF-TV7-T: Multi-spectrum infrared flame detector using 3 individual wavelengths covering the widest range of applications with a very high safety level (SIL3)

MultiFlame DF-TV7-V: SIL2 flame detector combining a UV sensor and 2 infrared bands particularly suited to difficult outdoor conditions (rain, wind, rapid variations in brightness, etc.)

The Oldham Simtronics optical flame detector is fully configurable using the TLU600 portable communication terminal. It has 4-20mA output signals and configurable relays to meet most configurations. It is resistant to the most difficult environments in order to establish itself perfectly in many applications (refinery, drilling, oil, gas turbines, aeronautics, etc.).

Optical flame detectors

Manufacturer : Oldham

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