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4-20 mA gas detector / transmitter with integrated sampling pump, pre-calibrated cartridge, alarm relays and TCP/IP communication.

Detection of AsH3, B2H6, BCl3, BF3, Br2, C2H4O, Cl2, ClF3, ClO2, CO, COCl2, F2, GeH4, H2, H2S, H2Se, HBr, HCl, HCN, HF, HMDS, N2H4, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, POCl3, Si2H6, SiCl4, SiHCl3, SO2, TEOS, TMB, TMP, WF6

Fixed gas detector Midas
  • Detection with pyrolysis module of C4F6, C5H8, CH3F, DCE 1.2, NF3, SF6
  • Integrated aspirated pump: 500 mL/min flow
  • 3 configurable NO or NF alarm relays
  • High accuracy measurement from ppb to ppm
  • Ethernet (PoE) TCP/IP and Modbus communication
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Additional information

Operating with a reliable gas detection technology, the Midas fixed gas detector has been especially designed to monitor the presence of flammable and toxic gases in ambient air. This way, this detector can monitor following gases: arsine (AsH3), diborane (B2H6), boron trichloride (BCl3), boron trifluoride (BF3), bromine (Br2), ethylene oxide (C2H4O), chlorine (Cl2), chlorine trifluoride (ClF3), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), carbon monoxide (CO), chlorine dioxide (COCl2), fluorine (F2), germane (GeH4), hydrogen (H2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen selenide (H2Se), hydrogen bromide (HBr), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hexamethyldisilazan (HMDS), hydrazine (N2H4), ammonia (NH3), nitric oxyde (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), oxygen (O2), ozone (O3), phosphine (PH3), phosphoryl chloride (POCl3), disilane (Si2H6), silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4), trichlorosilane (SiHCl3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), tetra ethyl ortho silicate (TEOS), trimethylborane (TMB), TMP, tungsten hexafluoride (WF6).


Moreover, with its optional pyrolyzer module, Midas is able to detect following gases: hexafluorobutadiene (C4F6), octofluorocyclopentene (C5H8), methyl fluoride (CH3F), DCE 1.2, nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).


Compact and featuring a zinc-plated steel base, the Midas is easy to install. Small, compact and lightweight, this detector suits perfectly in applications like light industries, laboratories, semiconductor transformation or even the wastewater treatment. Its pump system has a 2 year lifetime and can draw samples up to 30 meters.


Its alphanumeric backlit LCD with intuitive icon menu can display the concentrations and its datalogger enables operators to download vents and sensor history.


Its smart sensor with on board calibration certificate are ready for use and can be easily and quickly replaced.


Midas fixed gas detector features several outputs: visual, 3 built in relays for alarm 1, 2 and fault, analog and digital communication and is powered through Ethernet connection (PoE). It can be wired with 4-20 mA 2 to 4 wires or digitally with CAT5 cabling or equivalent with RJ45 connector.


Lastly, Midas is CE marked for a total immunity to electromagnetic interferences.

Fixed gas detectors

Manufacturer: Honeywell Analytics

Detected Gas: Ammonia - Arsine - Boron trichloride - Boron trifluoride - Bromine - Carbon dioxide - Carbon monoxide - Chlorine - Chlorine dioxide - Diborane - Dichlorosilane - Difluoromethane - Disilane - Fluorine - Fluoromethane - Germane - Hexafluorobutadiene - Hydrogen - Hydrogen bromide - Hydrogen chloride - Hydrogen cyanide - Hydrogen fluoride - Hydrogen sulfide - Methane - Nitric oxide - Nitrogen dioxide - Nitrogen trifluoride - Nitrous oxide - Octafluorocyclopentene - Oxygen - Ozone - Phosphine - Silane - Sulfur dioxide - Tetraethyl orthosilicate - Tungsten hexafluoride

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