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The QUALIT-AIR PRO is a CO2 detector/transmitter. Featuring main controller and an external display, this wall-mounted analyzer is well-suited for monitoring ambient air quality and managing climate control systems.

Qualit-air pro is a air quality analyzer
  • CO2 concentration analysis – 0 to 50.000 ppm
  • Two separated parts: controller unit with display and remote display
  • Automatic internal self-check (sensor status, temperature…)
  • Measurements digital display on both screens
  • LED indicators for alarm 1 and 2 and voltage monitoring
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Additional information

The Qualit-air Pro air quality analyzer has been especially designed for use in hazardous operations like cutting and welding, the food packing industry, the beverage industry, the agriculture and food industry, waste management or thermal treatments.


This monitoring device continuously detects presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) in ambiant air on a measuring range set between 0 and 50,000 ppm (part per million). Its remote display unit placed outside the monitored room enables operators to easily and safely read concentrations in presence.


The main controller and the remote display unit enable a digital display of CO2 concentrations in a room and both feature 4 LED visual indicators for a permanent monitoring of gas levels.


The operation principle of these two devices is relatively simple to understand. The remote display unit copies and displays controller measures on an LCD as well as relevant safety information. It is linked to the controller with a maximum 8 meters wire and must be placed outside the controller room. The remote display unit must be installed where it can be easily read before entering the controller room.


The two alarm thresholds of the Qualit-air Pro can be adjusted in the measuring range. Moreover, the integrated audiovisual alarms enable to alert operators in case of abnormal carbon dioxide concentrations. This detector can also trigger actuators such as initiating a ventilation system.


Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly menu of the Qualit-air Pro, operators can check the connection between the controller and the remote display unit, calibrate the detector, select the temperature unit (°C or °F) and setup the alarm thresholds.


Thanks to the easy wall mounting of this fixed CO2 detector and its two plastic made housings both IP54 certified against water spray, the Qualit-air Pro is a relevant cost-effective solution to protect an hazardous area that might contain carbon dioxide.

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