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With its infrared technology the GD10P fixed gas detector monitors hydrocarbon vapors and CO2 carbon dioxide. The detector's auto-test function signals defaults on the optical system or malfunction to the controller and requires minimal maintenance.

Oldham GD10P Infrared fixed gas detector
  • Fixed gas detector with infrared technology: hydrocarbons vapors and CO monitoring
  • 5 years guarentee – 15 years warranty on the infrared sensor (Simtronics patent)
  • Ongoing auto-test: signals optical defaults or malfunction to the controller
  • No saturation: the detector is able to monitor concentrations up to 100% vol.
  • Factory calibration, no onsite calibration, minimal maintenance
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Additional information

Designed for industrial sites, the GD10P fixed gas detector with its infrared technology is able to monitor gas risks via IR semi conductor sensor. This detector has an exceptional lifespan and doesn't require calibration, which contributes to low exploitation costs. This device also benefits from a 5 years warranty and 15 years warranty on on the IR elements.

The GD10P monitors hydrocarbon vapors and CO2 concentrations, which is why it is used a lot in the petrochemical indrustry. Indeed the IR technology is ideal for explosive combustible gas monitoring.

Contrary to other catlytic technologies, the GD10P fixed gas monitor isn't subject to the saturation effect, it is able to monitor concentrations up to 100 % volume. The H2S or silicone vapors interference isn't a risk for this device.

Fixed gas detectors

Manufacturer : Oldham

Detected gas : Acetylene - Benzene - Butane - Carbon disulfide - Cyclohexane - Ethane - Ethanol - Ethylene - Hexane - Methane - Methanol - Pentane Propanal - Propane - Propylene - Styrene - Toluene

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