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The Dräger CPS 6900 is a Type 1a HAZMAT suit (with breathing apparatus worn inside the equipment for maximum protection). It offers total protection against the dangers of gases, chemicals, aerosols and solid particles.

Dräger hazmat suit CPS 6900
  • Great comfort and maximum protection
  • Use from -40 ° C to +60 ° C
  • 5 sizes available (S to XXL)
  • Up to 10 years of use
  • Certifications: EN 943-1: 2002, EN 1073-½, EN 14126: 2003, EN 14593-1, EN 14594, ISO 16602, SOLAS
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Additional information

The CPS 6900 hazmat suit is a reusable Class 3 PPE providing complete protection against hazardous chemicals, gases, aerosols and solid particles. It is commonly used for operations in cryogenics, handling liquefied gas, in cold environments or in acidic atmospheres.

Ergonomically designed with an anti-static, light and flexible material (D-mex), this hazmat suit offers great comfort and is perfect for its use in many applications. Available in a wide range of suit, gloves and boot sizes, it easily adapts to all body types with great wearing comfort. The lateral waterproof polyurethane closure of the CPS 6900 has been specially designed so that this PPE can be put on quickly by itself.

Wearing the self-contained breathing apparatus inside the hazmat suit optimizes the tightness of this equipment. Available as an option, the PT 120 L control valve provides optimal ventilation to improve wearer comfort by supplying air, reducing humidity and also providing an additional breathable air connection. Stemming from the Dräger know-how, this chemical protective suit offers many options to best suit all uses (adjustable leg strap, D-connect attachment ring, gas-tight socks, protective interchangeable gloves and boots).

The Dräger CPS 6900 hazmat suit has a breakthrough time over 480 minutes against ammonia, chlorine, caustic soda (40%) and n-heptane (tested according to DIN EN ISO 6529: 2003-01) . In addition to these excellent performances, this chemical hazmat suit is approved according to European, international and maritime requirements.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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