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The Dräger CPS 5800 hazmat suit is a type 1b limited use chemical protective suit that protects from gases, liquid chemicals, liquid aerosols and solid particles with the self-contained breathing apparatus worn on the outside.

Hazmat suit CPS 5800 by Dräger, limited use chemical protective coverall
  • Breakthrough time > 480 minutes
  • Robust and efficient design
  • EN 943-1, EN943-2 and SOLAS compliant
  • 4 sizes available (M, L, XL & XXL)
  • Use from -30° to + 60°C
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Additional information

The limited use CPS 5800 hazmat suit is a PPE particularly suitable for applications requiring maximum mobility. It is used in particular during maintenance and emergency interventions and during industrial processes.

With a breakthrough time over 480 minutes, the CPS 5800 suit offers maximum protection against acetone, acetronitrile, ammonia, 1,3-butadiene, carbon disulfide, chlorine, dichloromethane, diethylamine, ethyl acetate, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, methanol, methyl chloride, n-heptane, 40% caustic soda, 96% sulfuric acid, tetrachlorethylene, tetrahydrofuran, toluene. With its Zytron 500 design and withstands an ambient operating temperature of -30° to + 60°C, this hazmat suit can be used in many applications.

Very light (2.2kg) and featuring a diagonal opening, this limited use hazmat suit is used with a self-contained breathing apparatus worn on the outside. Perfectly designed, it also adopts a zipper allowing it to be put on alone, as well as a face cuff that is comfortable to wear. The Dräger design quality and craftsmanship have created a limited use chemical suit with high performance in gas protection.

The CPS 5800 is approved according to American and European standards and complies with the requirements of the EN 943-1: 2002, EN 943-2: 2002 (ET) and ISO 16602: 2007 standards for the use of gas tight suits in the industry and for firefighters.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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